Childcare level2

By the end of the course you will be able to: This course will enable you to gain skills supporting a teacher in classroom activities It targets the key skills, knowledge and competence that employers would expect of someone working at this level as a Teaching Assistant in a school setting.

Childcare level2

Childcare level2

Introduction Serious Case Reviews about children who are fatally injured find that high percentages are less than one year of age. The very nature of the work dictates that the most successful preventative action is taken if these children are identified pre-birth.

This guidance is designed to better identifying those babies most at risk and promote effective sharing of information. It will support all professionals in identifying risk factors and assist in constructing meaningful plans in partnership with the prospective parents that will protect the unborn child from harm.

This guidance aims to: A Pre-Birth Assessment is not necessarily something that happens in isolation.

Supporting the Unborn Baby 2. Child care concerns which do not involve child protection can be referred, with the agreement of the parent for advice and support, for a Common Assessment CAF.

It should be considered where a parent has moderate learning difficulties.

Childcare level2

This may be undertaken between the midwife, health visitor and any other relevant professionals. But this must not delay a Contact being made to Children's Services when the unborn baby is deemed to be likely to suffer significant harm.

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At any stage professionals may consult Children's Services about whether to refer. Hart indicates that there are two fundamental questions when deciding whether a pre-birth assessment is required: A pre-birth assessment will look to answer these questions.

Concerns should be shared with prospective parent s and consent obtained to Contact Children's Services unless this action in itself may place the welfare of the unborn child at risk e. Some parents may refer themselves, as they have an understanding of the potential issues in relation to the unborn baby and are seeking help.

Other prospective parents will need to be referred by others including family and others in the community because of concerns identified.

A Contact will be made to Children Services, by other agencies, and a pre-birth assessment would be required in the following circumstances: This list is not exhaustive and individual factors that may usually fit more comfortably at a targeted level may become more serious if there are a number of concerns grouped together.

As applicable advocates or language communication interpreters will be made available to parent s throughout the process.

Concerns will be addressed as early as possible to maximise time for: Full assessment, including locating of any previous children; Enabling a healthy pregnancy; Supporting parents where possible to provide safe care; Early identification of significant relative or family member who might be able to support or provide primary care.

If a mother is undecided in relation to continuing with the pregnancy, Contact regarding the need for pre-birth assessment could be deferred pending that decision, but no later than 16 weeks into the pregnancy. If a pregnancy is discontinued whether through augmentation or spontaneous process, consideration of referral to social care should be made if there are any remaining safeguarding concerns relating to a child.

Information Sharing and Confidentiality Procedure will be followed. Information provided by the referring agency should include all relevant historic, social, criminal and family issues and information sharing consents.

The Framework for Assessment Triangle format to facilitate its inclusion in the Assessment. Of particular importance are details about all possible male carers. These are frequently missing from referral information and subsequently from the assessment itself.


Any issues of drug and alcohol use should be included, and issues of violence, both in respect of risk to the child, but also to staff working with the family. Services that have paternal involvement only must have systems that routinely enquire about dependent children and refer accordingly in relation to risks e.

A decision will be made about whether:CACHE Level 2 Award/Certificate/Diploma in Child Care and Education Question 1 D1: An example of a statutory provision for children under 5 years is a nursery.

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If you are interested in making a difference in children’s lives come and train at CALAT. Being part of a child’s growth and development is both an honour and a challenge with amazing rewards for both you and the children in your care.

The Cache Level 2 Certificate Introducing Caring for Children & Young People certifies practitioners to work in a childcare setting to a Level 2 standard. Level 2 childcare course Build the foundations for best practice (formerly NVQ Level 2 in Childcare) If you’re currently working with children in a paid role, such as a .

The CACHE Level 2 Certificate in an Introduction to Early Years Education and Care (QCF) course will enable students to gain a level 2 in childcare qualification.

What does the qualification cover? By completing this course it will provide students will the knowledge of how children learn and develop from 0 .

Childcare Level 2