E individual language course distance learning course

With the power of the Internet, both students and teachers can access tons of free information to help them improve their knowledge and skills. For a translator, having a regular access to information is very important, as this profession requires having knowledge of many different spheres.

E individual language course distance learning course

Venous thromboembolic disease and pulmonary vascular disease Lung disease in my environment occupational lung disease, children, flying and diving, dysfunctional breathing Lungs at the extremes age, obesity, illegal drugs Sleep disordered breathing and ventilatory failure On completion of this module the student should be able to: Compare and contrast the presentation, investigation and management of interstitial and pulmonary vascular disease Outline and differentiate conditions that lead to ventilatory failure, including sleep disordered breathing Outline and differentiate respiratory conditions that pertain to a particular environment or country Assessment Online Postgraduate Diploma in Respiratory Medicine The course puts assessment at the heart of learning by using clinical scenarios to facilitate problem-solving, critical analysis and evidence-based care.

The scenarios act as both the focus for learning and assessment thus embedding assessment within the learning process. Each of the 6 modules has the same assessment format. Due to the online nature of the course, students are expected to login and participate in the course regularly throughout the module ideally on a daily basis.

Students are split into groups of students and are assigned a dedicated expert tutor who: Facilitates clinical case discussions with the group. Monitors, assesses and marks each student throughout the module. Students use the skills gained during the lectures to engage with the different activities see below.

These cases are designed to promote discussion within a specific clinical area.

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Discuss the cases and issues surrounding the cases in a discussion forum. Students discuss the cases within their tutor groups, facilitated by their tutor. They use an online discussion forum to write well referenced, scientifically written postings.

The purpose is for the student to reflect on their personal progress throughout the module. Students would typically include the following: Initial expectations of the course, reasons for undertaking the course. Examples of change in personal practice due to knowledge gained throughout the module.

A description of what has been learned during the module. Students are asked to think reflectively about what they are learning from each module, how this differs from their current practice, and how they can apply what they have learned through the course to their everyday practice as a health professional.

Referencing would not typically be found in a learning portfolio nor would a simple list of points learned. The group activity is designed to encourage group dynamics catering to the multidisciplinary nature within the field of Respiratory Medicine.

Students are required to produce the following: Students are also marked according to their contribution to the group submission. The group is given a specific task to accomplish over the 6 weeks of the module e.

E individual language course distance learning course

Develop an appropriate screening method for your clinic. Students are required to write well referenced, scientific reports.

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One hour online assessment. Questions are based on the clinical aspects of the module and their discussion topics. Teaching Methods Each module has the same format.

Using an online platform and one tutor per students, the self-directed distance learning is guided by tutor stimulated discussion based on rich case scenarios.Learn more about the personal and career advantages of learning a foreign language from OSU's Career Development Center.

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E individual language course distance learning course

Study materials. The majority of the Clinical Trials module study materials are delivered online after course/module registration. You will receive details of how to use the online learning environment effectively. Distance education or distance learning is a way of delivering education and instruction, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present on campus.

Course Distance learning . Study online. Online study at Deakin puts you firmly in the driver's seat. Choose from over world-class courses, then shape your study experience to fit your busy life.


Distance Learning Course Sponsor Requirements. Sponsors of a DEC approved pesticide applicator training course offered as distance learning must have procedures in place to verify the identification of the individual enrolled in the course.

For details of the individual Language or Literature component courses please see the links under 'A Level Latin (second part).

For this you receive: 20 sessions e-tutoring in your chosen component.

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