Radio cab business plan

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Radio cab business plan

Most of the sample business plans you find out there focus on the stuff: You need to understand that having equipment does not equal getting results and making money in this business. What typically happens is that the taxi business owner recognizes the need for promoting his taxi business.

Due to the workload of most taxi business owners, this decision is frequently limited to giving away business cards and is highly influenced by what an advertising salesperson comes with that week.


What ad salesperson is selling is ad space and not results. This is the equivalent of shooting a gun and then aiming afterwards. Not much chance of hitting your target. How do you do it properly? You think about it from the very beginning, at the stage when you are creating your business plan.

radio cab business plan

Here are the steps: Define Your Target Market. Your target market is who you think the potential customers of your taxi service are.

The better you can define the potential customers of your taxi service, the more accurately you will be able to aim your marketing message at them. The best way to define your target market is by conducting customer surveys of your best existing customers.

Find out about where they live, where they work, whether they are married, if they have children, what their level of income is, what newspapers they read, what radio stations they listen to, etc.

Develop Your Marketing Message. To craft an advertising message for your potential customers, you need to come up with your unique selling proposition USP. You can determine your USP by answering the following question: You get the idea.

That is the message you promote. Many taxi businesses have difficulty with this.


If that is the case, then you need to create something that makes you different. To give you an example how important the USP is, let me tell you about an individual who with his brother decided to go into the restaurant business.

Early on the restaurant was unsuccessful and one brother bailed out on the other. The brother left with the restaurant eventually came up with a USP so powerful that it made him a multimillionaire and revolutionized his business.

That is the power of a truly great USP. Some business owners take a lot of time before they finally hit on something that really works for their customers. But each time this is done, patience had paid off very handsomely. Once you have your target market and your marketing message defined, only then you choose the media that closely matches those characteristics.

Why should I choose your taxi service versus every other competitive option available to me? The answer to that question is the focus of your marketing message and should absolutely be thought through at the stage of creating a business plan for your taxi service.

My book is a great place to start.

radio cab business plan

You can get it here:Capable. Customizable. Connected. The Silverado HD Chassis Cab offers the strength you need to tackle the toughest jobs, can be upfitted † to meet the needs of your business, and offers technology to keep you connected wherever your work takes you. is the Technical Regulations Conformity Certification System? This certification system was established to achieve simplification and rationalization of administrative work for license application and to alleviate the burden borne by license applicants. City Taxi is an established taxi cab company in San Francisco.

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The Cab Over design provides optimal visibility for the driver, which is especially useful in tight urban areas. The cabin’s design is also helpful for crews that make multiple pickups and deliveries throughout the day, thanks to its ease of entry and exit.

The citizens band radio service originated in the United States as one of several personal radio services regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). These services began in to permit citizens a radio band for personal communication (e.g., radio-controlled model airplanes and family and business communications).

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